Seminars in Dipartimento di Informatica


Zandron Claudio, 25 May 2009,
A Model for Molecular Computing: Membrane Systems

Zandron Claudio, 25 May 2009
Application of Membrane Systems to Biological Processes


Zavattaro Gianluigi, 8 June 2009,
On the Computational Strength of Calculi for (Bio)Chemistry


Vigliotti Maria Grazia, 12 June 2009,
Modelling in Systems Biology


Sciacca Eva, 24 September 2009,
Contributions in computational system biology

Sciacca Eva, 24 September 2009,
Sequence-Structure-Function Relationships Analyzed by Linguistic Models


Espák Miklós, 12 October 2009,

BioBITs project – TSCLS Simulator

Maggiolo Schettini Andrea, 16 November 2009,
P Systems: A formalism for computing and for systems biology

Milazzo Paolo, 16 November 2009,
Approximation and uncertainty in models of biological systems


Kahramanogullari Ozan, 14 December 2009

Processes of Biology


Cazzaniga Paolo, 15 January 2010,

Modelling, simulation and analysis of biochemical systems (abstract)


Cardelli Luca, 23 March 2010, 14.30 in sala seminari

Spatial Process Algebra for Developmental Biology (abstract)


Cardelli Luca, 24 March 2010, 11.00 in aula F

Molecular Programming (abstract)

Troina Angelo
In Silico Design and Analysis of Biological Systems