WP6: Checking the green/white biotechnological potentialities of BIOBIts


The main objective of the WP6 is to exploit the scientific and technological results produced in the previous WPs ,to check their effectiveness in setting up new application procedures which are adapted to agricultural practices in Piedmont Region. The general objective will be reached through these specific objectives:

1. to evaluate the impact of the endobacteria on the growth parameters of the mycorrhizal plant;

2. to evaluate the impact of the added Vit B12 on some health plant parameters;

3. to investigate the impact of strigolactone-like molecules (both of natural origin as well as synthetic analogues, as resulting from WP5) on the mycorrhizal success and on plant health;

4. to check the effects of such molecules on germination of weeds plants.

BIOBITs specifically addresses the call of Converging Technologies on Biotechnology e ICT.

The conclusive aim will be in fact to increase competitiveness of Piedmont companies, through the development of strategies favoring microbial-based crop production systems and improved application strategies.